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We wanted to be able to share with you some of our recent and past experiences.

Freeze-thaw combined with thermal expansion can destroy a crown. Crowncoat before and after to repair and protect. Includes 15 year warranty.

A cracked heat transfer not only builds sediment inside your firebox, it also leaks Carbon Monoxide into the room! If your fireplace looks like this, have it looked at immediately!

New stove installations are our favorite! There's no better way to make sure every aspect of a fireplace is perfect, than to start from scratch.

If you have something old and you want to upgrade to something new, we can help you do that too.

We replaced a Gas ZC with a Wood ZC.

Or if you have a chimney and you want it completely removed. We can do that with minimal damage to the surrounding areas.

We can even help you repair what you already have, so you can continue to utilize flame in your home comfortably.

On the left we have repaired damaged flue tiles, a serious fire hazard. 

On the right, fire has charred the bottom of the fireplace mantle. We have installed a custom heat shield to protect against further damage.

It's important to keep the heat where it's supposed to be. We can even help you replace damaged firebrick.

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