IDAHO CHIMNEY LIFE is a locally owned and operated chimney servicing

company servicing the American Falls, Pocatello, Chubbuck, Aberdeen areas. We clean and repair

chimneys as well as install and inspect stoves. We offer our services at

competitive rates. If your looking for a chimney sweep in Pocatello give us a call!

When considering whether or not to pursue chimney services, keep in mind that

the cost involved in appropriate maintenance of your chimney is negligible when

compared to the cost of cleaning a living room damaged by smoke and soot or

rebuilding your home after a residential structure fire.

At Idaho Chimney Life, we are dedicated to being one step ahead in chimney

and fireplace safety. Rest assured that Idaho Chimney Life is always current on

all recommendations from the National Fire Protection Association and the

Chimney Safety Institute of America.

On cold winter nights, what better way to spend the evening than snuggled up in

front of a cozy fire? Or even better, how about heating your home affordably all

winter long with a wood stove? To ensure both your fireplace and wood stove

work safely and efficiently, they must be inspected and cleaned regularly.

Annually, an average of 22,300 residential structure fires occur because of

issues with a fireplace, chimney, or chimney connector, totaling a lost of

$96,000,000 in residential property. Not only can a poorly maintained chimney

cause a fire, it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. When a flue is poorly

maintained, it becomes clogged with creosote build up. When carbon monoxide

is released from the fire, the gas cannot properly exit the chimney and thus is

released into the home. The “silent killer” spreads throughout the house,

resulting in illness, hospitalization and even death. On average, 170 people die

annually from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, primarily due to

inadequately maintained ventilation systems such as chimney or flue.

Tragedies like this can be avoided with correct upkeep and seasonal inspection.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends that homeowners have

their chimneys inspected annually. During the winter months, soot collects in

chimneys and ventilation systems and necessitates professional cleaning to

remove the build up.

During warm seasons, small animals and birds tend to build nests in chimneys.

If you build a nice fire when the cold weather returns without first ensuring that

the flue is clear of debris, your house will quickly fill with soot and smoke! That’s

a miserable way to start the fireplace season! Call Idaho Chimney Life! We will

complete an inspection of your chimney, flue and any ventilation systems and

perform any needed maintenance and guarantee that your family enjoys relaxing

moments in front of the fire when the cold sets in.



Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning: For a fireplace to function properly, the

chimney must be clean. Don't waste your time by trying to do a DIY job. You

will almost certainly end up with a sooty mess in your living room. Instead, let

Idaho Chimney Life come and complete a thorough and mess-free cleaning of

your chimney and fireplace. The technicians at Idaho Chimney Life can come

and clean your chimney and fireplace any time of year. If you’re looking for a

chimney cleaning in Chubbuck give us a call.

Chimney Repair & Maintenance: Has your chimney become damaged over

the years? Call Idaho Chimney Life. We will inspect your chimney and assess

the damage quickly. We are able to fix a wide range of issues including

masonry damage, leaks, and crown damage. If you’re looking for a chimney

repair in American Falls give us a call. Call now before the issue gets worse.

Wood Stoves: Idaho Chimney Life also specializes in wood stove cleaning,

repair, and maintenance. We can assess your specific needs and make a

recommendation to ensure you are completely satisfied. Wood stoves in Pocatello

have never been easier to find. Call us today if you are looking for stove

cleaning, repair or maintenance in East Idaho.

Rain Caps/Spark Arrestors: Do you suspect that you need a rain cap or

spark arrestor? Idaho Chimney Life can both provide and install the correct

equipment for your home’s exact needs. We will provide you with an outlined

description of your possible options and consider your budget all the while.

Masonry Repair: Is the brick around your chimney cracked and broken? Not

to worry, it can be fixed! Idaho Chimney Life can repair and replace broken

and stained brick and tile around your chimney.

Firebox Repair: A firebox is the open space within your fireplace where the

fire burns. Because of its consistent exposure to heat, the firebox deteriorates

faster than other elements of the fireplace system. Idaho Chimney Life can

inspect your firebox and determine whether or not the firebox is up to current

safety and efficiency standards.

Installation: Idaho Chimney Life can professionally install all kinds of stoves gas, wood, or pellet.

If you are building a new home and want to include a fireplace, or if you are

making an energy-conscious upgrade to your current home, we can help you

choose and install the best stove for your needs.

Reline/resurface: Over the years, flues can get damaged from chimney fires,

typical weathering, or age. Idaho Chimney Life can ensure that your chimney

is working safely and efficiently. Our professionals use a variety of methods to

reline or resurface chimneys, based on the current state of your chimney. You

can trust that our trained professionals will get the job done right and at a

reasonable rate.

Certified inspections: In accordance with NFPA 211(National Fire Protection

Association), all chimneys, fireplaces, vents, and solid-fuel burning appliances

must be inspected annually, or during a transfer of property.

Idaho Chimney Life can get the job done. Give us a call.

Crown: As defined by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, the “chimney

crown (also referred to as the chimney wash) is the top element of a masonry

chimney. It covers and seals the top of the chimney from the flue liner to the

chimney edge.” Over the years, chimney crowns can break down and become

damage from exposure to water, high winds, etc. If the crown is left to decline

over time, damaged crowns can result in both exterior and interior damage to

your home. If water leakage comes in contact with creosote build-up in your

flue due to crown damage, your home will fill with a highly offensive odor.

Don’t let that happen to you. Call Idaho Chimney Life and let us assess the

condition of your crown.

Gas fireplace maintenance: Idaho Chimney Life can evaluate your gas

fireplace and make sure it is running properly and efficiently. Our technicians

will examine each part of your gas fireplace and make recommendations to

improve its overall performance.

Obstruction Removal: Idaho Chimney Life can inspect your flue and

determine if there is anything blocking your flue, such as bird nests, leaves, or

branches. Idaho Chimney Life can remove the obstruction with no

inconvenience to you.

Fireplace Odor Problem Correction: For any number of reasons, fireplaces

can occasionally develop unpleasant odors. Idaho Chimney Life can inspect

your fireplace, determine the source of the smell and eliminate it.

Commercial and residential: Idaho Chimney Life works on both commercial

and residential properties. Whether you need help in your house or at your

workplace, Idaho Chimney Life can get the job done.


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